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Sate Noodle

 Sate(Malay), Satay(English) is the Malaysian fried chicken. The sauce of Sate is a peanuts butter tasted sauce, and it is arranged to the sauce of fried noodle. This one is our original fried noodle. 
★ Sate Noodle(all the toppings)
Coriander, Boiled egg, and fried chicken
1,180 Yen
★ Sate Noodle
Topping (Coriander)
880 Yen
★ Sate Noodle
Topping (Coriander, Boiled Egg)
980 Yen
★ Sate Noodle 780 Yen
★ Toppings
  Extra large Size
(increase Sate Sauce)
130 Yen
  Coriander 110 Yen
  Boiled Egg 110 Yen
  Increase Fried Chicken 180 Yen

Actually, I don’t want to cook
 Mabo-Tofu is used plenty of Chinese spices. It is different from general Mabo-Tofu in Japan. Hot spicy level 1 is 2 to 3 times compare with general Mabo-Tofu in Japan.
★ Mabo-Tofu (Fried Noodle) 880 Yen
★ Mabo-Tofu (Brown Rice) 880 Yen
Hot Spicy Level (Level 1) 0 Yen
★ Topping
Extra Large Size (Fried Noodle) 110 Yen
Extra Large Size (Brown Rice) 130 Yen

 Nasi lemak that is eaten for breakfast in Malaysia and Indonesia. Eat a mixture of hot spicy sambal sauce, fried peanuts, fried dried sardines and Thai rice. It is not popular to eat a hot spicy food in Japan as breakfast, but in Malaysia and Indonesia, it is eaten normally, and when I go to that country, I can eat it normally.
★ Nasi Lemak (Mini Size) 350 Yen
★ Nasi Lemak (Regular Size) 400 Yen
★ Topping
  Boiled Egg 110 Yen

Bak kut teh
 There are 2 type of Bak Kut Teh, Malaysian type and Singapore type. The Bak Kut Teh is almost Malaysian Type Bak Kut Teh, which is strong smell and the taste is also strong, compare with Singapore one. Singapore one is that the color is clear, and the taste is smooth.
★ Bak kut teh,  Only Soup 350 Yen
★ Bak kut teh + Thai Rice 460 Yen
★ Topping
  Thai Rice 110 Yen
  Boiled Egg 110 Yen